Pick Your Own!

Strawberry FieldsPicking your own berries in summer is an essential Kiwi experience! We're the only place in New Zealand where you have such a great range of berries available to pick. Depending on the time of the season you can pick Raspberries, Blackberries, Ranui berries, Boysenberries, Strawberries, Tay berries and Logan berries.

The BEST time to come picking your own berries is late November to early December. This is usually when all the berries are ready. The strawberries usually peak in mid to late Novemeber and they are HUGE!! Dont miss this season!!

When berries are in season you can go berry picking in our fields. Simply pay for your pick-your-own container at the shop and follow the signs.

Pick Your Own Prices:

We provide the containers, you provide the smiles. There are three sizes to choose from, super (approximately 2.8kg), family (approximately 1.8kg) and single (approximately  1.1kg).

Pick Mixed Berries:

You can mix all the berries together if you choose. We recommend putting strawberries on the bottom if you are going to mix them so the other berries don't get squashed

  • Single: $18
  • Family: $26
  • Super: $40

Pick Strawberries Only:

This year the strawberries look like they will be available from mid to late October. Keep an eye on our news or subscribe to our newsletter, we'll let you know when the first crop is ready!

  • Single: $16
  • Family: $23
  • Super: $35

Note: Berries will not change flavour after they have been picked, so make sure you pick berries that look ready to eat. Pick up some cream on the way home and enjoy!

Berry Picking Season Guide

New Zealand Berry Season Chart

Our berries are grown with great care for you. So please, enjoy tasting your first one or two. The rest, you'll agree, we need you to buy. 

Happy picking,  have fun and Haere Mai!